Farm gate to school gate


The aim of the project is to educate and inspire families to eat more fresh food and by doing so improving public health.

Join the Farm Fresh Revolution

By joining us you can really change up the lives of you and your family.


Great quality

Fresh Food

Delivered Free


Your family to eat



Our children to be


in healthy food

Learn more

About cooking


& making the most of

Family Meals

No Hassle

Pick up your

Grocery Bag

When you collect your

children from school

What’s in the grocery bag?


Typically bananas, apples, pears, oranges, and strawberries in summer months.


Potatoes, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, onions.


Fresh free-range sausages.


Free-range frozen diced chicken.


Half a dozen free-range eggs.


Some of the vegetables and fruit may change according to availability.

When will it be delivered?

Pick up your grocery bag of fresh food every second Friday. See the list of participating Primary schools in Staffordshire below:


Two Gates Community Primary, Tamworth
Moorhill Primary, Cannock
Redhill Primary, Cannock
The Crescent Academy, Stoke
Sandon Primary School, Stoke
St Nathaniels Academy, Stoke


Your school will tell you how to join the scheme and the time/date of the next delivery.


Why is the food free?

We want to introduce every adult and child to the benefits of healthy and great tasting food. Getting children excited about eating more healthily is one of our primary objectives. So by distributing our food through local schools, we can educate the school children and their parents about the virtues of freshly grown, healthy food.


We get the food direct from local farmers, package it up
into separate family bags and we distribute it through a number of local schools.

Ugly Veggies

Some fruit and vegetables aren’t the right shape for supermarkets, or farmers might produce more than the supermarkets want. We can ensure this healthy food is eaten by including them in our bags. This means less waste, which the farmers are very keen on after all their hard work growing the food.


If we know where our food comes from and how it’s grown we can understand how important it is to eat well and not waste food.

Working Together

Working with schools and families to help children to understand the importance of fresh food for their health and wellbeing, as well as supporting people in learning new tasty recipes and how best to cook with the ingredients in the grocery bags.

We’ve teamed up with The Children’s Food Trust to inspire you and your children to try out new dishes. Check out their website Let’s Get Cooking which gives lots of recipe ideas, with videos and tips on how to prepare food, and things to cook with your children. Click on the recipe links below to get more ideas. You will find a recipe card in your grocery bags too!

More About Health

Vitamins and minerals in fresh food are much better for us than the ones we get in vitamin tablets. They are essential to keep our bodies healthy, have good energy, and keep our brains working well.